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Playing Catch Up

Well well well, you learn something new everyday or every second as I found out recently following a brief sojourn to the Lake District for some plein air painting fun. I was blessed… the weather was fab and I had no complaints at all. Armed with my trusty pochade box and customised shopping¬† trolley, we […]

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In Practice of Perfection

¬† On the basis that if I try to do something (within my own realms of possibility of course) and I find it difficult then I have nothing but the utmost admiration for those who do so and do it with such apparent ease. For the last 18 months or so I have been trying […]

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Fine Art en plein air and then some

So it’s taken a TV appearance and a whole heap of thinking to realise how very different plein air painting is  from studio painting. I am amazed at how much of it I took for granted but it has been one serious lesson and one I appreciate tremendously. Of course I entered the Big Painting […]

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Or should I be a little bit more positive and title this post ‘A journey of a thousand miles…’? The truth is I am frustrated and I am not ashamed to say this because whatever our hopes and aspirations, life does have to happen first and much as I would love to paint full time […]

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Mad About The Art?

The morning after week before… and my random comments on The Big Painting Challenge BBC One 6pm Sundays… So you’ve seen us do the landscape challenge in the first episode and are starting to get a feel for what we are like under pressure. Here’s a couple of my favourite landscape paintings and a quick […]

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Mama Used To Say…

I am facing some fresh challenges. Since the clocks changed for all that daylight saving malarkey , painting at the crack of dawn has been difficult as I have no natural light in my studio. Painting only at the weekends just frustrates me as I have my usual chores, family visits and other distractions and […]

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Those Necessary Evils

The temptation whenever I start a new painting is to delve straight into it with the paintbrush and paint making all the necessary corrections as I go along. I am a colourist, I love colour and I want to expel all that colour information that makes up my painting as soon as possible. I know […]

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At The Last Stroke…

There comes a time with every painting when you know you are done ie that’s it, I am finished and for those of us nutty artists who speak with our paintings and wait for instructions you know your time is up when the painting speaks up loud and clear ‘enough already!’ So it is with […]

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The Finish Line

Well I crossed the finish line in the wee small hours of  this morning only to discover (as if I didn’t know) that I still have to do the lap of honour by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Would you believe I still haven’t worked out what to paint in that bottom right […]

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Lol I am still here! I had a minor wobble earlier this week when I felt I was losing momentum but I was determined to press on amidst a chorus of encouragement and support from friends, family and well wishers. Sometimes it really does feel like I am running a race when I start off […]

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