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Fine Art en plein air and then some

So it’s taken a TV appearance and a whole heap of thinking to realise how very different plein air painting is  from studio painting. I am amazed at how much of it I took for granted but it has been one serious lesson and one I appreciate tremendously. Of course I entered the Big Painting […]

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Or should I be a little bit more positive and title this post ‘A journey of a thousand miles…’? The truth is I am frustrated and I am not ashamed to say this because whatever our hopes and aspirations, life does have to happen first and much as I would love to paint full time […]

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Mad About The Art?

The morning after week before… and my random comments on The Big Painting Challenge BBC One 6pm Sundays… So you’ve seen us do the landscape challenge in the first episode and are starting to get a feel for what we are like under pressure. Here’s a couple of my favourite landscape paintings and a quick […]

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At Brighton Fair

It’s no big secret I would love for nothing more than to become a full time professional artist. Making money from doing something you love so passionately I suspect is everyone’s utopian dream. My facebook friends have been my close companions as I rise at the crack of dawn to paint not because of my […]

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Crisis? What Crisis?

Sometimes sharing a view can help you unwind what appears to be a complicated issue. Until my last post, I’d been struggling with what I thought was an issue of identity until several people came to my rescue and helped me to realise I was probably dealing more with an sense of belonging. Thanks to […]

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A crisis of identity?

This is something of an admission and perhaps you can all help me settle it in my mind once and for all. You see for a long time I have struggled to define myself as an artist of sorts. What best describes my art? I come across this issue every time I feel the need […]

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Of Needles and Haystacks – Day 12

Well the glass is both half full and half empty at the moment. Day 12 of #FindAnnesPaintings dawned and I was optimistic as usual although as the morning wore on I started to feel a little anxious again. Oville had said he would call me ‘in just a moment’ yesterday and then went quiet. So […]

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Hashtag Find Anne’s Paintings – day 11

Today I wrote this letter to David Smith MD of CityLink and copied Robert Peto, Finance Director, Jane Desmond, Customer Care Director and Adele Henderson, Director of Operations. I am hoping they will help me find my paintings which went missing en route to my customer on 2nd November. Mr David Smith, Managing Director, CityLink […]

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Crowd Pleaser…

I risk sounding a little trite when I say I am amazed at how far technology has brought us over the last few decades but you have to forgive me, I am fifty-two years old and grew up in Ghana and yes we had a TV, a state of the art Phillips affair in an nice […]

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When Only Chocolate Will Do!

My ego has taken a bit of a knock this past weekend! I’ve always boasted I don’t have much of an ego and so I am a little ashamed to say this but in the spirit of good and honest blogging I need to share this with you. You see ever since I was selected […]

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