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{13} Yikes!

Well folks, here I am. I think it is an ‘artists’ thing to retreat or go into hibernation every now and again. I do assure you though, I have not been asleep. The truth is I climbed through the vista of  my canvas and entered the place I love most where I can lose myself in my […]

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{20} A little bit of what you fancy…

Well sometimes a lot of what you fancy does you a whole lot of good too. 20 days to go today and I feel absolutely fantastic! After a morning of life as Anne-the-printer,  I transformed myself  into Anne-options-trader spent the afternoon riding the surf of a volatile stock market. I know a lot of people […]

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{21} Distractions are such a drag…

Ok, so 21 days to go. I am running late today.  I woke up with a jolt at 9am having slept through my 6.30am alarm. By 9am I would normally be at my desk ready to start my working day, the first couple of hours having been dedicated to my spiritual breakfast of bible study, […]

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{22} Faith is a rest

I’ve always had a fear of Monday mornings ever since I was a small child. My apprehension would start from the night before and consume me like a dark mist until the next morning when I had to get up and get ready for school. I have sat on my own analysts couch and tried to figure out this […]

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{23} Jesus – You’ve got mail!

Ok so 23 days to go. It’s 7.45am Sunday and I have sacrificed my lie in to write my blog. My prayed-for intuitive idea today is to tackle the clutter which like a ball and chain around a prisoner’s ankle will no doubt impede my progress as I scramble nimbly (ahem) up the mountainside of […]

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{24} Transition specs – three at the price of one?

I am sitting in my office, a cup of coffee at my side, wishing all of this would be magicked away in a blink. This is day 24 of my transition from Anne the Printer to Anne the Artist via Anne the Options Trader and a pit stop at Anne the Author. If this makes […]

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