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Mind Over Other Matters

I guess in order to explode the myth of the starving artist I must at least live the life of a starving artist musn’t I? Not sure this is necessarily true but is true in my case as I continue my metamorphic transformation towards my life as a full time artist. Perhaps I should have […]

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Awful Tasting Medicine

I’ve spent the last two days weeping quietly in my heart over someting I considered to be close to an ultimate act of betrayal and wondering how best I can come to terms with living in this dog eat dog world whilst maintaining my own values; wondering whether it is ever necessary to change those […]

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I’d rather be in the studio…

I was up with the larks and so eager to start my day I gobbled up my spiritual breakfast with the impatience of a puppy eager to get off it’s lead to run round the park my tail wagging with equal vigour. I am not sure I have felt such alliterative energy, eagerness, enthusiasm and […]

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{0} D is for D-Day, Delight, Divine Dependence and Diligence

Well, here we are… fanfare, drumroll and trumpets sound as I enter with a flourish the last day of my countdown to my artistic independence. My friend Seiwa tells me I had elasticated the boundaries a little as I approached D-day as I had no real vision of what exactly I would do once I […]

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{1} Oh dear… this is not good…

My dear Lisa assures me this is day 1 (remaining) of my countdown to my transition. Thank God she has kept an accurate count as I have been selectively forgetting to do this in the vain hope that I might gain a few more days for what reason I am not entirely certain. It’s Monday […]

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{6} BUZANtine…

I am sitting here at my computer, glass of juice on one side, my daily cocktail of high blood pressure and anti-anxiety pills and the thought that I have not updated this post for a while. Once again I have not been asleep and as my mother always used to say to me “…if you […]

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{9} A doodle a day…

The one thing I didn’t want to do during this countdown towards my transition was to put my self under pressure to get a result by day zero remembering the reason for my transition in the first place was to get away from the inordinate amount of pressure I was putting myself (and my customers […]

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