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The Case of the Missing Photo

Right I think my feet are firmly back on terra firma after buzzing around these last couple of days like a bee on Prozac. It’s been really exciting and not that I wish myself ill but my lofty 51 year old body can only take so much buzz before it starts to show signs of physical […]

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Show Me The Monet

There is great excitement and much tail wagging in studio Anne Blankson-Hemans as I write this blog.  Many of you will have followed my metamorphic journey as I made the decision to transform myself  into a full time painter/artist. The journey has not been easy, but then I didn’t really expect that it would. However, […]

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A Heart Of Gratitude

It may come across as arrogant self appreciation if I say I am good at art.  However my feeling is artists have a devine gift which is to be used for the purpose for which it was given. So an artist must strive to be the best they can to appreciate and share their gift. […]

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On Reflection…

  It is of course no coincidence that the first completed painting I have this new year is this abstract entitled ‘On Reflection‘. The painting is based on a mythical bird that is part of my Ghanaian culture. The bird ‘Sankofa‘ has its roots in one of the ‘Adinkra‘ symbols of Ghana. So of course […]

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