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S&M 7,8,9 – Sorry Officer I didn’t mean to!

Of course you did said the traffic officer when he pulled me over last Sunday morning. You see I hd become a little impatient with this silver Volvo driving in front of me in Malvern last Sunday and as I overtook the car in a fit of uncharacteristic impatience I swore for the umpteenth time […]

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S&M6 Double chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top!!!

Can you tell I am really pleased with myself today? There is much tail wagging in camp  Anne today with a double celebration to launch the new video and the start of the campaign to raise £5000 for the exhibition in October.  It’s not Steven Speilberg so don’t expect too much and as home videos […]

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S&M5 Look I’m frazzled ok?

I am feeling like a petulant child right now; arms folded, lips pouting and telling my teenage kids how very unfair life is. You can tell how bad things are for me when I start trying to reason with teenagers. In Ghana there is an old African saying, which only makes sense if I give […]

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S&M4 C’mon, c’mon, c’mon

This isn’t going well at all. I recorded the video yesterday. That was ok, Lorraine fired questions at me and I answered them. I felt really good cos all I had to do was pretend I was Rolf Harris being interviewed by Piers Morgan. Then Lorraine and I fell out because she was I upset […]

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S&M3 The Making of the Video

Day 3!! Did I say I’d blog  on a daily basis? hmmm whoever said procrastination is the thief of time knew exactly what they were talking about. I have been trying make the video for this project and have been racking my mind about how best to do it. To be totally honest with you […]

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Sunshine & Music {day 1}

My friend Larry and I have decided to hold a two man  (or should I be pc and say two person?) exhibition. Neither of us have ever organised one of these before as most of our shows have been organised by the galleries and expos who have shown our work but we live in a […]

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