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Of Needles and Haystacks – Day 12

Well the glass is both half full and half empty at the moment. Day 12 of #FindAnnesPaintings dawned and I was optimistic as usual although as the morning wore on I started to feel a little anxious again. Oville had said he would call me ‘in just a moment’ yesterday and then went quiet. So […]

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Hashtag Find Anne’s Paintings – day 11

Today I wrote this letter to David Smith MD of CityLink and copied Robert Peto, Finance Director, Jane Desmond, Customer Care Director and Adele Henderson, Director of Operations. I am hoping they will help me find my paintings which went missing en route to my customer on 2nd November. Mr David Smith, Managing Director, CityLink […]

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The Curse Of The Strong

My mother could never understand why people would want to appear on TV to air their personal problems on shows like Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa, Tricia and Dr Phil. I would often reply by staring blankly at her as she asked this obviously rhetorical question for the umpteenth time because I knew she wasn’t really expecting an answer from […]

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