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Watching Paint Dry

I am going to try and keep a series of short daily blogs to document my next painting ‘Accra Circle’ (working title). This is going to be a street scene from Accra Circle, a busy hub of activity in the capital of Ghana.  I’ve started by painting with a ground of a mixture of cadmium […]

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A Soupçon of Accountability

My facebook friends have been enjoying a staged progression of my current painting ‘Brighton Fair’ these last couple of weeks. It’s been fascinating to read the comments and to know that my friends have been enjoying the process of watching it unfold as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. I have to admit […]

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At Brighton Fair

It’s no big secret I would love for nothing more than to become a full time professional artist. Making money from doing something you love so passionately I suspect is everyone’s utopian dream. My facebook friends have been my close companions as I rise at the crack of dawn to paint not because of my […]

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