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At The Last Stroke…

There comes a time with every painting when you know you are done ie that’s it, I am finished and for those of us nutty artists who speak with our paintings and wait for instructions you know your time is up when the painting speaks up loud and clear ‘enough already!’ So it is with […]

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The Finish Line

Well I crossed the finish line in the wee small hours of  this morning only to discover (as if I didn’t know) that I still have to do the lap of honour by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Would you believe I still haven’t worked out what to paint in that bottom right […]

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Lol I am still here! I had a minor wobble earlier this week when I felt I was losing momentum but I was determined to press on amidst a chorus of encouragement and support from friends, family and well wishers. Sometimes it really does feel like I am running a race when I start off […]

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All Good Things

I was really looking forward to the weekend as on Thursday and Friday I had to take son #3 to his early morning job at the gym eating into my lovely precious painting time. I think I have exhausted my brain though so it’s time to take a bit of a break but I’d like […]

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Just Don’t Blink!

Some days I seem to whizz through and other days are just a teensy bit slower. If you blink today you just might miss what I’ve done this morning but my rule is better to do some painting however small than none at all. Such is the roller coaster of life of an artist, the […]

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Brass Monkeys

Oh my goodness! This sudden drop in temperature might well become a threat to my hard won discipline of waking up at the crack of dawn. In spite of my recent excitement about my current painting I found myself snuggled up a little longer in bed this morning as I contemplated shifting my stiff joints […]

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As Fresh As A Daisy

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning eager as a beaver and raring to go. Truth be told, I didn’t get much sleep but strangely I still feel energised and full of adrenaline from a full day of painting yesterday. I had to dig deep to find the same discipline I use […]

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Blissfully Aware

It’s time for me to sit back again and enjoy that spiritual moment between me and my painting.  I’ve had a fabulous day knowing when I put my brush down its not to rush off to do my day job but just to stand back and view the progress so far. I am going to […]

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All Set In Stone

It’s been nice have long, consecutive, undisturbed hours to work on this painting today. Having satisfied myself that all the elements are in place and that the proportions and scale are relatively ok I have committed my outlines more permanently with acrylic paint. This means I am just about ready to start adding colour. I […]

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In Contemplative Mode

My fellow artists will understand this; when you have to sit back and just contemplate your painting whilst gathering your thoughts. In my head I am working it all out; what looks right, what doesn’t, what colours to put down etc… This morning I began to add the people. I think I am just about […]

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