Oh yeah…Life Goes On

Written By: AnneBH - Sep• 17•12

I am adjusting to life in a smaller house and am rather amused by it all so I invite you to laugh with me as I laugh at myself.

In the great scheme of things, 15 years in a large house is not an awful lot of time but it is amazing how much you take it all for granted. The first challenge has been to fit the contents of a 5 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom dolls house and I mean dolls house. I have no room to swing the proverbial cat which is a blessing in disguise I guess.

'Before' - 5 bedrooms, large garden and swimming pool

Firstly I had perfected the art of cat swinging so I am sorry I cannot indulge in this sport anymore so I will have to learn a new skill – shoe-horning! All I can say is I am so glad we got rid of a whole lot of stuff before we moved because the little we brought is already filling up the space and I am becoming maniacally obsessed with de-cluttering around me.

I am pleased to say we are settling in just fine. A trip to IKEA resolved a big dilemma – where oh where in this tiny bathroom should I place the laundtry basket? My resolution was in the form of a small foldaway bag that fits neatly between the door and the bath. I am patting myself on the shoulder for my resourcefulness and creativity even as I type.

After, compact & bijou, a warm place and a roof over our heads ūüėČ

I have to tell you this though, one of my major anxieties was how to tell my few remaining customers I would not be able to work for them any longer. I have tossed and turned and burnt the midnignt candle at both ends, that is until a customer contacted me recently. His phone call was full of his usual energy and enthusiam, ‘I have 3 orders for you’ he announced brightly, and then his tone changed when I told him I would not be able to fulfill them and then explained with all the honesty I could muster the reason why. Well my man was not a happy bunny and unleased his annoyance and frustration with such bad grace I was completely taken aback. ‘Bloody ‘ell I thought. let’s get our lives a little in perspective…I am not a brain surgeon – no one is going to bleed to death here!’

I have to say, I would normally count to 10 before my next thought but I was incandescent with rage. ‘Thanks for your sympathy…’ I fired back in a text message to which came the reply… ‘Yes I feel sorry for you and all that but¬† life has to go on…this is my means of livelihood…’

I do admit , I smiled when I read his reply. Insensitive as it was, it helped me put the whole situation into some proper perspective. I mean what did I really expect? That he would don his sackcloth and sit with me amongst my ashes? He is moving on, why shouldn’t I?

So Life goes on and the thrill of living has began. I have been too busy to grieve for my ‘loss’ and I am not so sure that any grieving is required anyway. The is a whole new world ahead of me to explore and the thought of filling it with bright new paintings of God’s wonderful creation completely inspires me. The glory will always be his.

Te Deum Laudamus

PS Folks – I am humbled and overwhelmed by your response to my blog ‘Who is my sufficiency’. I had no idea so many people read my blogs. Do please leave a comment so I know you have been here.

The Colour of Monet

Written By: AnneBH - Sep• 16•12

Doing BBC2’s latest series of Show Me the Monet has probably been one of the highlights of my year so you will have to forgive me if I continue to milk it¬†a little longer. ¬†It really was¬†both exciting and nerve racking at the same time but all in all it was a good experience and I cannot exhort emerging artists enough – get your stuff out there and do whatever you can to promote yourself. If you feel it’s up to someone else to promote you read this great book and get a bit of a reality check¬†– ¬†‘I’d rather be in the Studio’ – by Alyson Stanfield and then go to Katherine Tyrell’s website ‘Making a Mark‘ for a list of carefully compiled exhibitions and competitions.

Anyway this isn’t a soap box exhortation, just a little testimonial from my own experience. If you saw the show, you will know my piece did not sell at the grand exhibition which was only slightly disappointing for me because that was just going to be the cherry on top of the oodles and oodles of soft creamy buttery icing on the cake.

Well a couple of weeks ago I got this email out of the blue from this woman who has been trying to track me down since she saw the show. She wanted to buy the painting!! Was I excited? Of course I was, I get excited about every single painting I sell so with an eagerly wagging tail, I emailed her back almost immediately. I don’t do modesty when it comes to people appreciating my art.

Well if I was keen, she was even more so seeing she had emailed me on a Saturday and was there any chance she could come and see it on Sunday? Normally this would have been ok but I had promised by mate Seiwa I would attend her church’s 3rd anniversary celebrations and wasn’t about to let her down. In any case the painting had been returned to my sister’s house where it had been hanging before I took it to the show so she would have to go there which of course suited her fine. Harpenden is closer to Berkhamsted where this lady¬†lives as opposed to the trip to Northampton which I think would’nt have made any difference to her anyway.

So phones calls were made and things were arranged and my very nice lady turned up at my sister’s house, inspected the painting¬† and paid the agreed price! I received an email testimonial from her soon after that which is displayed proudly on my website but here it is again anyway…

We tracked down this picture after seeing it on the Show Us The Monet programme and are delighted to be its new owners. It was just as it was shown on Anne’s website and her willlingness to help us view it was excellent. We are looking forward to her forthcoming exhibition.


and there’s more…

We’re delighted with our picture, Harbour Market at Elmina II and are doubly thrilled that we saw in on the Show Us The Monet programme and are now the proud owners of it. Anne was incredibly helpful with the viewing and collecting of the picture. The whole transaction was trouble-free and pleasurable.

 So I finally landed my cherry!!

And that’s not all of it. Again I need you to recall my recent sponsorship drive through Sponsume’s website. Remember?… Well I have recently been in contact¬†with¬†another lady who pledged an amount towards the exhibition project. Following our email exchange I asked her how she came to sponsor me and did I perhaps know her? He¬†reply made me smile…

¬†‘…you don’t know me at all so don’t worry if you are racking your brain wondering who I am…’¬† Well thank God for that I thought. I looked you up after seeing Show Me The Monet or perhaps through the Making a Mark blog…’


I still consider myself as an emerging artist and I am thankful for so much not least the ability to do something I really love and to be able to apply my product marketing skills to my new chosen career.
Here’s is an edited piece of scripture from Sylvia an old friend and schoolmate¬†

“He who began a good work in you,( and gave you such a great gift) will complete it. (Philippians 1:6)
Let us continue to trust in God.

Te Deum Laudamus

Who Is My Sufficiency?

Written By: AnneBH - Aug• 29•12

Anyone who saw my episode of Show Me the Monet will know that my finances are currently in a bit of a state and at the time the programme aired, I was in serious danger of losing my home.

Well the inevitable happened and on 16th August I received a hand-delivered letter from the local county court. Our eviction date has been set for Thursday 6th September at 10am.

I know this bit of a digression from my ‘arty’ blogs but those closer to me will know the title of my blog site Dancing With Crocodiles is also the title of a book I have been writing for a while. This book started originally as a self help book for start up businesses and has gradually evolved into an autobiographical account of my life as a small business owner.

To cut an extremely long story short, I was made redundant from a very lucrative job and took the plunge and set up a business making fine art prints for artists and photographers. The journey was interesting at the begining as I threw my time and energy into the business believing with every fibre of my being that it would all come good. It was not easy and I made some horrible mistakes¬† won a number of wars and ultimately lost the battle. Do I have any regrets? Yes, some – I mistakenly thought running a business would bring me financial freedom and time to spend with my (at the time) very young children. So yes my regret is in a lot of time lost whilst they were growing up. However I would never have gained all the experience I got just reading about someone else’s experience in a book.

What else I have learned? That complete strangers can show acts of true altruism and kindness and come to your aid when you are feeling at your most vulnerable. I have many people to thank for this, not least my friend and mentor Rachel Elnaugh.  I also learned that people you considered friends or who at least had some understanding of your situation can turn on you at the drop of a hat; that all care and respect can be lost because of your precarious financial situation;  that your indebtedness to one gives them the right to harrass and abuse you verbally; that others will attempt to eat your dinner whilst it is yet still on your plate because you are too weak and too tired to eat it yourself.

I am at peace when I paint. Majorelle Gardens (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans

So on Monday 3rd September, I will move out of the house that has been our home for the last 15 years, thinking of all the irony, that at the time I moved into it, I had a 15 year Virgin One Mortgage that allowed my to pay off more off my mortgage each month. That at the end of the mortgage period in 2012, I would fully own my home. I am actually smiling at the irony of it all. I thought I had it all worked out.

I take a very philosophical view; it could be worse. These past two weeks I have had to hire a car and drive up and down the M1 to visit my dear sister Liz in hospital as she bravely battles severe anaemia due to a hemolytic sickle cell crisis and septicaemia along with a bunch of renal issues. At one point her HB count was as low as 3.8. To put it in perspective, mine is 14 and though Liz can operate effectively on 6 you can imagine how weak she was. As I write my sister is still in hospital and is improving every day.

What is important? My friends, Asab who painstakingly went throug my finances with me and wrote letters to creditors on my behalf, Seiwa and Ofo who held me up in love and prayerj my Auntie Stella in Bridgport, Connecticut who has had phone calls from me at all hours; my dear dear friends Theresa and Mitzi in Boston, Massachusetts who’s arms of warm love have been around me despite our geographical separation; Lisa my sister in art from Cape Town, South Africa; Amy (aka MsMoem) whom I have never met but nevertheless has been a chief supporter, my children,¬† Nick, George and Elliot.¬† My very close relationship with Lorraine and also my sister Liz, my brother David and my dear ‘little’ brother Charles who yet again has baled me out. My debt to him is now something on the scale of Greece’s debt to the EU but he hangs in there in complete faith and trust in his sister. “We all need a break from time to time” he tells me. I must not forget my wonderful new church family, all the wonderful people at Christian Celebration Church in Wootton. Life is good.

I cannot imagine life without my faith because it has been tough. I have come close to the wire and have almost lost my mind but the joy of the Lord has been my strength.

I have to share a favourite piece of scripture because I feel it is apt in this situation where I have lived with a lot and now have to live with a little and in both situations I am at peace.

Phil 4:11-13 (KJV)

11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. 12 I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

So Was It Worth The Monet?

Written By: AnneBH - Jul• 28•12

The second series of BBC2’s Show Me The Monet (Lucky Day Productions) ended yesterday and for me it was an exciting 3 weeks (or 15 episodes) mostly because I was featured in it. I did miss series 1 and didn’t even know it was on the telly. If I’d known I would have been just as excited I reckon because I have an interest in art and in reality TV where the lives of ordinary people are transformed by the opportunities they receive from being on TV.

The Private View of Show Me The Monet (credit Lucky Day Productions, BBC TV)

One thing I do know is I am not sure I would fancy being one of the judges. That ‘art is subjective’ is cliched but nevertheless true. What is it that makes one person like something and another not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (another cliche) but once it resonates with you you make a judgement of discrimination and you opt to like or dislike and if you like it enough you put your hand in your pocket and you make a purchase.

As a recent full time member of the Northampton Town and County Art Society,¬†I was asked to help judge the new entries to associate and full¬† membership. There was no clear criteria so I went along with my gut feeling, did I like it? Was it technically competent, was colour applied correctly etc… I hope I did it justice.

The judges for Show Me the Monet at least had 3 criteria to work with; originality, emotional response and technical skill. Interestingly in art even these are subjective. If I intend to use wobbly lines in my paintings does that make me less technical and if I feel the emotional impact and you don’t does that make it less emotional? No I don’t envy the job of the judges and we have to give them credit; they are experts in their field.

The fact that the application was open to any artist living or working in the UK meant that professionals and amateurs alike were able to apply.¬† I couldn’t help but notice more than once a number of artists were basically told to ‘go back to the drawing board’, ‘you are not ready yet’, ‘come back next year…’¬† that concerned me a little particulary during my own hanging committee I was told my style of composition made my painting less spontaneous (that bit was edited and this is my interpretation of it), I think if I recall that Charlotte Mullins called it a collage,¬† but what was shown was the advice given to artist Victoria Fan – to loosen up her technique a little. I can understand this sort of instruction being given to art students at college but in a juried exhibition or competition, what is being judged is the end result. At that point the art is what it is…

The Hanging Committee (credit - Lucky Day Prodcutions, BBC TV)

Looking through the history of art we do see artists going through ‘periods’ of learning and self discovery. I can look over my paintings over the years and see loads of changes – good or bad these are part of the learning and self discovery process even for a professional artist. Unless there is a complete radical change,¬† the underlying style will always be there. So is it good to give advice on an artists approach or style? Personally I am not sure that it is – when a child is ready to walk they just get up and start walking and soon they perfect the art of walking.¬† Are the early stages of walking not to be appreciated in their own right?¬† Is an artists earlier work less appreciated than later work? I hope this is a good analogy.¬† There is something to be said for following an artists time line. This is a difficult situation when it comes to judging art – but my feeling is if the art has been presented as a fait accompli then it should be judged on that basis alone under the criteria provided.

Ok all that said what did I think about the series and would I advise artists to apply?. The answer to the second question is a resounding ‘yes’ It is not so much as looking for your art to be critiqued as gaining validation for your art especially if you go further and get selected for the exhibition. There were many great pieces that didn’t make it into the exhibition but it did not stop them from being great and bottom line is the publicity is¬†fantastic for any emerging artist. I would say look at it as a opportunity to show your art to the world… you never know who is looking and one man’s meat is another man’s poison right?

Telegraph Article 7th July 2012 - Credit The Telegraph

I think the days of artists waiting to be ‘discovered’ are long gone and as artists we need to do more to self promote. Fortunately we have the tools and there are many who are ready to help us by doing a bit of the leg work for us. I now run my art as a business and so have to spend equal time promoting my art as I do to producing it. I have been able to avail myself of some fantastic resources like Alyson Stanfield’s book I’d rather be in the studio – a fantastic resource that I have next to my Bible – it is dog eared and full of notes and post it notes but I can’t get enough of it. If you are an artist and you want to self promote and you havent bought this book yet. I’d advise you to do so. For UK artists, it is a little US centric when it comes to resources but the gist is there and it is a very strong gist.

In addition to this, I have bookmarked Katherine Tyrell’s blog – making a mark, Katherine has a great calendar of major UK art exhbitions with all the information you would ever need to help with your self promotion. I have made myself a wall calendar with these dates just so I don’t miss the deadlines. The site itself is an invaluable resource for every artist.

In the two days following the show, I sold one piece of art and was invited by another gallery to take part in a group show  in October.  I myself had planned a joint exhibition with a colleague in October and the publicity surrounding my impending appearance on the show help me raise the funds we need through a crowd funding website.

I would find it difficult to understand why any artist would feel the show was not worth doing. Publicity is good; hiding in your studio waiting to be discovered is not good, saying art is about creating and not sales or shows in my opinion is quite frankly delusional.  If you want to make it as a full time artist then you have to stick your neck out a little bit. The judges on Show Me the Monet were forthright but not cruel and at the end of the day we still have to remember the production company are trying to make good entertaining TV as well.  The BBC have recognised the dearth of good art programmes on TV and this arguably could be the beginning of a very good series. There are arguments perhaps for a change of format but probably a topic for another discussion and overall sales at the exhibition were pretty poor but again the subject for another discussion.  All I can say is for me it was worth the monet. I think pushing it to a prime time slot would be the cherry on top.

The Big Reveal with Chris Hollins (credit Luck Day Productions, BBC TV)



Gawdon Bennett That Was Tough!!!

Written By: AnneBH - Jul• 19•12

I don’t know what’s worse. Doing this last push to raise the sponsorship we need for the joint exhibition in London in October or giving birth to my first child Nicholas almost 22 years ago to the day. I was in labour 23 hours and completely exhausted and all I could hear was everyone telling me how brave I was. One last push they told me and there he was, a beautiful baby boy, his eye wide open and a little smile as it to say hello mum. ¬†The process was difficult and painful, the reward – priceless!!

Actually thinking about it, giving birth does not compare but the analogy of the painful process kind of illustrates what I mean. I have one more day to go. The sponsorship period finishes tomorrow midday and I am making that last push. I think I have just about made a nuisance of myself. My late brother used to say ‘a friend in need is a friend to be avoided’ and boy have I been in people’s faces.

On Reflection (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans

Before everyone thinks I am a nasty money grabbing in your face ****, please note I am not. This has been painful for me too. I have gone completely against my nature, completely outside my comfort zone and broken rules I did not even know existed!

However we are nearly at the end of the first hurdle and your part in this as far as digging into your pockets is almost over.  Whatever I receive will become the basis of my budget. THE SHOW IS DEFINITELY ON!!!  It will be in October and the date will be advised next week.

The next step as I said is to get the gallery booked and then create the brochure/catalog and then work on the invites. I hope every one who contributed to the cause will be able to attend. You will receive your personal invite ¬†in due course. Also – I will be inviting all contributors to choose their favourite piece from my site (or Larry’s) so I can get your signed limited edition print.

Also I have to get back into the studio and paint or there will be no exhibition ūüôā

So please allow me to give you all a massive BIG UP!! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You All.  Love you loads. I am a Christian believer and believe God moved everyone to make their donation.

Te Deum Laudamus


And finally… can you guess what’s coming next? Ha ha – yep. you still have one more day (til 12 midday tomorrow) to make that all important difference.

Click here  or click on the link on the right _______________________>>>>>

PS – Don’t forget to watch Show Me the Monet BBC2 Tuesday 24th July. That’s my day!


Showing Anne the Monet

Written By: AnneBH - Jul• 15•12

This poem by the lovely Ms Moem has really touched my heart I needed to share it with you. Do you ever get to that moment when a special event in your life happens and you just can’t find the right words to express what you want to say? Well some people are so blessed and so gifted it comes to them in the twinkling of an eye. Amy Mohamed also known as Ms Moem is one such person and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly she comes up with the right verse to capture the moment.

Show Anne The Monet - (c)MsMoem

So with a lot of heartfelt gratitude I say a massive ‘Thank You’, to Amy. The poem was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks also to our mutual friend and mentor Rachel Elnaugh for introducing us. Amy and I have never met in person. Yes, you read it right but you would never know that. We have tweeted, facebooked, skyped and done the good old telephone conversation… so big up to social media and telecommunications.

Show Anne the Monet – (a poem by Ms Moem)

My friend is mastering her destiny; please help her if you can.
She’s a lovely genuine person and she’s an artist whose name is Anne.
She’d like to run an exhibition, to be hosted in London city
And once you’ve seen Anne’s images, you’ll agree they’re very pretty.

With marvellous use of colour, Anne’s paintings draw you in.
She entered BBC’s Show Me The Monet, daring not hope she would win.
At 3 on the 24th of July, please tune in to BBC2;
I’m a huge fan of Anne’s artistry, will the panel like them too?

So for now, she is looking for sponsors to help realise her dream
And if you might consider sponsorship, I think I know what it would mean.
So visit her sponsume sponsor page, and donate some cash if you can.
Explode the myth of the starving artist, and show your support to Anne!

My sponsorship period ends in a little under five days. Please please give what you can cos every little helps. The exhibition is to be held in London in October and I need to book a gallery, create catalogues, do some publicity and stuff like that. No one goes away empty handed. A chance to get one of my paintings virtually free. Please click on the sponsume link on the right —->

Thank you and God Bless!



Time to Show Some Monet!

Written By: AnneBH - Jul• 08•12

Well it is finally here! ¬†Show Me the Monet airs on BBC2 at 3pm and I am in it! This is the TV programme (billed arguably as TV’s greatest art competition) where professional and amateur artists from all over the UK ¬†vie for a position at the Show Me the Monet grand exhibition and sale at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London, where members of the public and the art world can bid to buy the best of the art work on show.

Chris Hollins - Presenter of Show Me The Monet BBC2

Contenders could stand to make some serious cash we were told, so with much tail wagging and copious salivation, we sent off our applications, all 3000 of us. One painting each? ok no problem. A little bit of info about ourselves? Cool. This kind of ¬†stuff always makes for good entertaining TV as well. I submitted my favourite; ¬†a 2008 ¬†painting entitled ¬†‘Harbour Market at Elmina ii’

But first we needed the seal of approval from three of the art world’s toughest critics. To win a spot at the exhibition and the chance to sell and make some money from our work, ¬†us hopeful artists must first face the Hanging Committee, where our hopes and dreams could be made or dashed (gulp!).

hanging committee

Show Me the Monet Hanging Committee (c)Lucky Day Productions

The 15 episode series starts tomorrow Monday 9th July at 3pm and runs Monday through Friday for 3 consecutive weeks. My ‘hanging committee’ also known as my 7 minutes of fame is on Tuesday 24th July at 3pm. What did the hanging committee think and did I make it through to the exhibition?

You will just have to tune in and find out.



Before you go – my little plug for ¬†my exhibition. I want to hold an exhibition in London and I need to raise some funds for the hire of the gallery etc… In return for your sponsorship, you will receive a piece of my art. I only have a few days left and am desperate to make my target. To sponsor me go to my sponsorship page here.

Thanks and God Bless!



Could It Be Magic?

Written By: AnneBH - Jul• 06•12

I can’t begin to tell you how overjoyed I was last Wednesday when I went to visit the Society of Women Artists (SWA) exhibition in London. First of all I was excited the paintings had not only made it into the exhibition but had also made it into the main hall. I stood at the top of the stairs and raised my camera to record the moment for posterity and then made a bee line to my paintings with the slightest of pretence that I was looking at the other paintings on display.

At the SWA exhibition in London (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans

As I approached the paintings I saw the all revealing red dot that tells you and everyone else the painting has been sold! By this time I was beside myself and if I had a tail (or one big enough) it certainly would have been wagging nineteen to the dozen. I looked round for my friend¬† Seiwa who was still outside the gallery having¬† had to take a phone call just before we entered to share my joy and as she was not present, I pulled out my phone and took a few more shots. Time to share on twiter, text, facebook etc…

Bananas at the souk 2012 (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans

When Seiwa entered the gallery I grabbed her by both hands and dragged her to the paintings.  In addition to the squeal she let out much to the consternation of the group observing a portrait painting demonstration, she grabbed me, hugged me and we did a little dance together.

It’s not the first time I have sold a painting and certainly it is not the first time I have sold anything. I ran my own business for nearly ten years and sometimes we took a large number of orders in a day or sometimes a very large single in one day order so I know it’s not always about the money.

So that got me thinking; what is it that excites me so about someone coming along to a gallery or an exhibition,  stopping by a painting and liking it so much they want to own it? What extraordinary influence or charm does the painting hold over the viewer?

This is what my friend and muse Amy aka Ms Moem – she writes the most amazing personalised poems) had to say about it. I think she sums it up pretty well…

.’..it is because it is such a personal self expression. When you paint, it is for you. Then for someone else to fall in love with it… it’s magic!’

For me I really enjoy the moment. I enjoy the process of creating and am ever so thankful that I can do it. I remember every single painting (with fond memories) I have ever sold and will always appreciate that someone else enjoys it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

The SWA exhibition is at the Mall Galleries, London SW1 and runs from 28th June through 7th July.

And finally – We have just 14 more days to go til my sponsorship window closes. I am raising funds to help towards and exhbition in London in October. Please please please got my sponsume site and help me make a success of this. There are some serious goodies in it for you. Love you loads ūüôā and I will love you even more.

Te Deum laudamus

The Easel Has Landed!

Written By: AnneBH - Jun• 30•12

I was really bummed when I found out at the last minute that I could not make it to the preview morning of this year’s annual exhibition of the Society of Women Artists (SWA).¬† For the last three or four years a number of my paintings have been accepted to this show which takes place at the pretigious Mall Galleries in London’s affluent Pall Mall.

The SWA Annual Exhibition 2012 - Mall Galleries The Mall London

My extremely eagle eyes which have deteriotated in favour of long-sightedness have¬† just spotted two blobs (top just right of centre) on a photograph of the preview morning and without a doubt these are the two paintings¬† Marrakech iii and Marrakech iv I submitted and which were accepted for the exhibition. Both are hanging side by side in the main hall of the gallery! ‘Chuffed to bits’ doesn’t quite describe how I feel at the moment. Not that there is anything wrong in being in any of the side galleries because just being accepted for one thing is enough but to make it into the main gallery is a bit of additional kudos. I did strain further to see if there were any red dots to put the cherry of top of my already over-iced cake but even my super bionic eyes could not make these out mostly because the show is always so crowded on the first day with our patron HRH Princess Michael of Kent in attendance.

I have a bit more time this week and will definitely be going to see the show and any others I can attend whilst I am in London. The show runs from 28th June through 7th July. Do please make every effort you can to see the display. It really is worth a visit.

Founded in 1855, the society has had a unique history dedicated to promoting art by women. The Annual Exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1, showcases a stunning and eclectic mix of artwork in all media. The Society encourages variety and versatility and features some of the finest contemporary women artists from all over the world, thus sustaining a reputation for excellence.

The easel has landed

Finally I will end with a reminder about my sponsorship needs. I want to hold an exhibition with a colleague in London in October. I have just a little over 20 days to make up the 5k odd we to hire the gallery and do all the leg work. There is something in it for everyone and no one goes away empty handed. Please please please sponsor us at www.sponsume.com/project/sunshine-music. Many thanks in advance.



It Has Arrived!!!

Written By: AnneBH - Jun• 26•12

I have to give you the full text of the email I received from this rather excited customer to share with you how delighted she was to receive a painting she commissioned from me recently. I have to say if there is one thing that pleases me it is that I can do what I REALLY love doing for a living. ¬†Ok I am not quite making a living off my paintings yet but that is my plan and when I have plans I manage to stay focused. Anyway here is the full text. ¬†Please excuse Carla’s English, I can tell you one thing it is a damn sight better than any Flemish I’d be speaking. Carla is from Belgium.

Hello Anne ,
The painting is Home?I am soo happy about it ,I love It.
It is a really reflection of Morrocan women.
I just got into my street when my neighbour was taking it in ,I tought ;this is my painting!
I unwrapped it and was soo pleased to see it live.
I hanged it where an old painting was hanging to look at it ,but I know it hangs to high.
I will change it later .I send you a picture, not verry good because the sun is entering and
I had to take it from a side.
Thank you soo much. One day if you let me I want another one…
Take care .
Best whishes.
With the email came the following photo;

Commission hanging at client's home


Carla’s email sums up both our feelings; how she loved the painting she commissioned and how I loved painting it for her. ¬†I am still amazed at how a painting that was in my studio a few days ago is now hanging happily in it’s new home in Antwerp. I am liking the sound of this – an international award winning artist!!¬† Cool or what?

So again as I always do, I offer my prayer of thanks heavenward. Thankful for the gift of being able to create and thankful that in my own little way  I managed to please someone.

Te Deum Laudamus!

P.S Don’t forget to sponsor my exhibition project. I have 20 or so days left before the sponsorship window closes and I do so want to put the show on. Remember there is sometjhing in it for every one. When you see Sid, tell him and tell your friends too. Every little helps. Sponsor me here. Thanks so much and God bless.

Morrocan Women Commission for Carla (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans




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