Or should I be a little bit more positive and title this post ‘A journey of a thousand miles…’? The truth is I am frustrated and I am not ashamed to say this because whatever our hopes and aspirations, life does have to happen first and much as I would love to paint full time […]

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Yaay – I’ve Got A Commission!

This is a view of Sherwood Island in Connecticut, yes US of A and I have just received a commission to paint my interpretation of it. It’s fantastic and encouraging that I should get my first painting commission so soon after announcing my new role as a full time artist and the fact that it […]

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Northampton Sur La Mer

Time and time again I am so thankful that whatever traumas I face in my life the one thing I can do over and over again is to climb through the little vista that takes me from the real world to the warm and cosy world I create in my paintings. For the past week […]

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