Or should I be a little bit more positive and title this post ‘A journey of a thousand miles…’? The truth is I am frustrated and I am not ashamed to say this because whatever our hopes and aspirations, life does have to happen first and much as I would love to paint full time […]

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A Heart Of Gratitude

It may come across as arrogant self appreciation if I say I am good at art.  However my feeling is artists have a devine gift which is to be used for the purpose for which it was given. So an artist must strive to be the best they can to appreciate and share their gift. […]

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Yaay – I’ve Got A Commission!

This is a view of Sherwood Island in Connecticut, yes US of A and I have just received a commission to paint my interpretation of it. It’s fantastic and encouraging that I should get my first painting commission so soon after announcing my new role as a full time artist and the fact that it […]

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Northampton Sur La Mer

Time and time again I am so thankful that whatever traumas I face in my life the one thing I can do over and over again is to climb through the little vista that takes me from the real world to the warm and cosy world I create in my paintings. For the past week […]

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