Written By: AnneBH - Aug• 06•16

Or should I be a little bit more positive and title this post ‘A journey of a thousand miles…’?

The truth is I am frustrated and I am not ashamed to say this because whatever our hopes and aspirations, life does have to happen first and much as I would love to paint full time I know I just can’t do that at the moment.

Fruit Sellers - Ghana (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans

Fruit Sellers – Ghana (c) Anne Blankson-Hemans

Now I am not for one moment under any grand illusions; painting full time isn’t going to solve all my problems I know, I mean I still need to sell the damn things to make a living. I know that!

I need to make the time, and whenever I am doing something else like that evil necessity called the day job I think of all the things I could be painting and when I am not doing that I am too knackered to paint and if truth must be added to season this… I waste an awful lot of time. I mean this morning I had a long lie in ’til 10am and then watched some TV and dilly dallied with my phone and Facebook and Twitter. Like the woman on Gogglebox often says ‘You get mi?’

Yep, now I am on a guilt trip. I don’t have an awful lot of time and so I worry about how much of it I waste.

Oh I forgot to mention, I spend quite a lot of time dreaming about winning the lottery and how much more time that would buy me. ‘You get mi?’ Would it though?

So recently I have been given a reason to lose some weight and I am taking it seriously because it is for a very good cause. I have approached this with a renewed mind and a very positive attitude. Perhaps I could approach my attitude to time keeping in exactly the same way? After all a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Now where’s that lottery ticket?

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  1. Liz says:

    Don’t worry. A lot of us are in the same boat. I’m still in my PJs. Shocking!!!

  2. Kay Pegg says:

    Hello Anne. I can’t believe I was thinking of you yesterday, and then here you are. Yep, fully understand the procrastination bit, I’m a master, or in my case mistress! Being retired I have all the time I need to paint and do other things at home I enjoy, but guess what, it gives me more time to fiddle around doing nothing. I loved to see you on the tv, and can only wish you the very best in your life. Work is a real bummer isn’t it, it gets in the way of creation. Your time will come. Love your work. Very best wishes, Kay.x

    • Anne says:

      Thank you so so much Kay and a thousand apologies for the late reply. Another example of my ability to procrastinate. Thanks for your best wishes 😀

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