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If you choose to dance with the crocodile, you must be prepared for when the music stops…

Hi, my name is Anne Blankson-Hemans (also known as Anne Herbert). I am an artist, an entrepreneur and an aspiring writer.  I was born in Ghana and had a fantastic life growing up in the sun. I studied as hard as I could at school and went on to University and studied fine art and then I came to live in England. That’s when life for me really began. I got a job in the IT industry and had to do an awful lot of learning in an area I was not too familiar with but people were kind to me and I managed to learn enough to get by.

Then I decided to start my own business. It went well for a while but I made a few mistakes and things went pear shaped.  I was not a happy bunny. One day,  I woke up and decided life is too short. I want to be who  I want to be. I want to make use of the talents I have so I can give a good account of it when I get called to that great place in the sky. Life is one big crocodile dance. This is my account…


  1. Tyra Hemans says:

    hi aunt Anna i am your niece you may not know me but i am George’s last born i just wanted to say hello if you want to call me you can at 4847215828 THANK YOU.

    • Anne says:

      Hi there Tyra
      Hope you are well? I don’t often get messages from this page so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I hope this reaches you. I’d like to email you directly – can you send me your email address please? anne.blanksonhemans@gmail.com
      kind regards to your Dad

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